I knew there had to be another word to describe me besides lunatic, hehe, and that is nonconformist.  A family member of mine expressed concern over some recent posts I have made to Facebook and to this blog, his thought being if potential employers read same, it could and probably would affect my eligibility for hire.  I completely understand where he is coming from and even agree with him.  I was quite touched that he cared enough to express his concern, but I’m not terribly worried about it.  Here is why …

I believe I am being led by a higher power.  Everything I do and say, while some of it of questionable judgment, is what I am meant to do and say.  Everything happens for a reason.  For years I have worked for several employers, some fair and decent, and some not so much.  I have known for some time that I would not survive in that world forever, that I cannot work under somebody else’s reign, and that I will one day establish my own business and will do quite well with it.  I am forging that path through this blog and my upcoming self-discovery trip around the country.

What will my business be?  I don’t know yet.  I have several ideas … but most importantly I have faith.  I believe I am going to succeed.  I feel successful in life already because I stand up for myself no matter what.  I don’t back down.  I’m not always tactful.  I do, however, admit my faults, and that is something not a lot of folks can say.  I am following my dream instead of sitting idly by watching life pass before my eyes.  I’ve done that for 40+ years; it’s time to make something happen.

I know it is not going to be easy, and I know I am risking my life savings.  However, I absolutely, with 100% surety, know that it will be worth it.  It is going to be amazing.  While I have a good education, I have always maintained that experience is far more valuable than education.  I have learned much more through my experiences, negative and positive, than I ever could have by sitting in a class listening to some lecture and then being tested on the material presented.  Life … that is where we are truly tested.  Bring it on!

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