I guess I am gonna hafta do some work on my website and come up with another category, cuz I dunno where to put this one.  I had a rude awakening the other day that reminded me to believe nothing … nothing at all.  We had a bad storm come through Franklin when all those tornadoes were touching down elsewhere.  This pic above is from a Chilean volcanic eruption a few years ago.  Yet, in light of recent storms in the U.S., people are posting it as something that happened here.  I saw it attributed to Rome, GA, and to a town very close by, Murphy, NC.  The local news channel in Asheville, NC, even attributed it to having been taking locally.  Really?  Does nobody do any fact checking?

Natural disasters unite people.  They make us realize how similar we all are and how sacred and temporary our lives are.  I read one article where someone said, “Never again will I make fun of people for saying a tornado sounds like a freight train coming.”  This kind of turmoil, I believe, is God’s way of saying, “Hey, I mean business and y’all need to wake up.  Stop making fun of others.  I put you here for a purpose … now make me proud.”  I realize joking about things helps us cope; hell I was a cop.  You would be appalled at some of the stuff cops say and actually laugh about.

More importantly, think about this.  How much stuff is posted on the interwebz that is pure fiction; yet we all take it to be fact.  It’s a damn scary thought.

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