If you are fishing for alligators!  I wasn’t but the first thing I saw when I got to the dock was this baby alligator.  The pics make him look huge, but he was actually only about 2’ long.  Before I started fishing, I went back and got my gun just in case Mommy or Daddy gator tried to make da Samster an appetizer.  Can you see me now … on the news for shooting a gator?  I never did see Mommy or Daddy, but a guy walked by and said there was an 8’ reptile sauntering by the same dock last night … yikes!

I was bummed I didn’t get a picture of BabyGator cuz he swam off too quickly.  Then I just forgot about him … that is til my second cast of da BeastRod.  Look what da BR, baited with a piece of a Nathan’s hotdoggy, dragged in:

Scared me half to death.  I thought the hook was IN him.  He kept playing with the bobber, and I texted someone asking WTFrick do I do now?!  I realized I could just cut the line, but I tried reeling it in and discovered the hook was not in the gator; it was just tangled up in weeds … Amen!  I was shaking so hard that I can’t believe I was able to get such good pictures!  I also kept looking back at Sammie to make sure MommyGator wasn’t making a trade … her kid for mine … cuz you better believe if she ate mine, I would be frying up some gator nuggets as I type this AND making a nice gator-skin purse or a pair of gator-skin shoes for my big seester!

I never did catch a fish.  Hotdogs don’t stay on the hook very long, so I tried a rubber worm … no luck.  It wasn’t meant to be.

So Sammie Sad Eyes and I hoofed it to the laundry room to “warsh” a load.  From there, we walked all the way to the store to throw out a bag of trash.  I feel like I abided by the “Pets must remain on a leash at all times” rule:

She was on this leash every step of the way.  I just wasn’t holding it.  Pretty sneaky, huh?  Ancient Chinese secret!  It was very hot during the walk whenever we were in the sun.  On the way back, Sammie-dawg looked up at me and said, “I’m hot.”  I looked down and replied, “I’m thirsty,” and we both hollered out in unison … “HEY KOOLAID!”  We heard something coming and prayed for that pitcher of iced grapy goodness to surface.  Instead it was this guy, and he didn’t even stop, let alone offer us a cold drink:

Nice ride, Sucka.

They’ve got a couple of cute signs coming into and out of the store area.  I’m not sure I actually get ‘em, but here is the one showing when you enter the store parking lot:

And here is what is on the back to be seen when leaving the parking lot:

Ok fine.  ???  Fishermen’s lingo I reckon.

So anyway, Sambone is sound asleep in the air-conditioned Beastmobile right now, exhausted from our walk in the heat.  I just snuck down to the lake to see if I could find Mommy or Daddy Gator.  No luck, but look how cute this is:

Mama must be hunting cuz she’s all camouflaged out with weeds … clever turtle, eh?

Gonna pack up tonight and hit the road early tomorrow, so unless anything extremely newsworthy happens, like Sasquatch stops by for a hotdog or the Loch Ness Monster asks us to go swim with him, I won’t be making another post until I hit the luxurious Super 8 Motel in Athens, AL, tomorrow.  Livin’ large, baby … nothing but the best for this lioness and her cub.  Actually, it was the only place that allows muttz.  Whassup widdat?!

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  1. Should have caught him, that is the best size for fried gator tail, goes great with cold beer

  2. It was a good trip. Unfortunately, my laptop froze up. Won’t be able to post to blog.

  3. oh no what are we gona do !!!!!

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