That would be my big brother … pretty distinguished name, wouldn’t ya say?  He might not be too happy about me making a blog post about him; however, I am rather excited about it.  So much so that I almost didn’t do my workout today.  But … as I was fixin’ to type this, I realized I would have to pump iron first cuz I had already gulped down my pre-workout powa shake and was pretty Jack3d up (those who use supplements know what I mean).  Jeff likes when I say “fixin’ to” (I think), or at least he laughs when I say it … it ain’t exactly a Yankee term.

Here’s da whole fam damily way back when (I’m guessing like 1969):


So, yes, today is Jeff’s birthday … and it’s Flag Day, which makes it easy to remember every year!  I’m not all that big on birthdays anymore, but I thought it would be fun to honor him.  We had a lot of good times growing up … we fought some too, sometimes brutally, but what siblings don’t?  I think this pic of our goofy grins was taken in the house on South Pleasant Street in Merrimac, MA, but I’m not 100% sure … my biggest memory here was us piling up leaves at the bottom of the driveway, running down the drive, and jumping in:


We lived in a few different houses in Merrimac … one on Abbott Street, where the goldfish jumped outta the bowl and kicked the bucket and where one of the neighbor kids, Michael Daniels, used to eat dirt (I think).  Keep in mind, the memories I mention are mine … they may not be accurate, LOL!  Some of my fondest memories with my brother revolve around boating:


Here we are jumping off the flybridge of our 25’ Bayliner at Essex Bay, MA. It was really deep, and we would try to hold hands and our breath til we hit the bottom, then with our legs, we’d push off the bottom of the sea and power our way back up to the surface, gasping for air when we finally reached it. Every now and then, we’d see jellyfish in the water … yuck.  The back of this pic says it was the year 1980:


Here is a great black and white of Jeff and Mimi (our mother) on a boat we had previously owned … I love his hair; he’s a handsome devil:


Yea, he was quite the chick magnet … here he is on the phone, most likely with one of his babes


Those were the days of rotary phones with cords … there were no cell phones or texting or hiding in the bedroom to talk in private!   Looks like our furniture was falling apart too … I wonder if that was around the same time we had the aluminum Christmas tree with the multi-colored rotating light behind it cuz we were so poor!

Here we are in Florida rockin’ the Toughskin jeans from Sears … 1978 maybe?  Look at the way we are standing.  Yea, we thought we were the shiznit:


Back to boating … I wish I could remember what year it was, but John and Lynn (longtime family friends) took our whole family on an amazing sailing trip on their 30’ (I think) sailboat named Orion (I think), leaving from Clearwater, FL, heading south, crossing the state of Florida via Lake Okeechobee, and landing at West Palm Beach.  I particularly remember one yacht named Tommy; it seemed like it was following us.  Our last recollection was that it passed us and should be way ahead of us.  We stopped to anchor and swim one day:


As we flipped over the dinghy, there went Tommy cruising by … it was a li’l creepy!

At the end of our trip, Dad set up the camera to automatically take a pic of “da crew:”


Dad, Mimi, Me, Jeff, John, and Lynn … in the first photo taken, Lynn had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth; my how times have changed!!!

Oh, and we have a half-sister and half-brother, Lisa and Jim:


When he was in 8th grade, Jeff made a speech at the dedication ceremonies of the Hampstead Middle School in New Hampshire.  We moved to Hampstead in 1973 or 1974 (I think):


I have a vague memory of Jeffrey’s tuxedo for the junior prom not fitting properly (I think) … can’t really tell by the photo, but I remember some stress in the household over that.  The second pic is the next year … it’s one of his senior pictures:

06-14-2012 08;59;07AM

And this is big bro’ on his high school graduation day from Pinkerton Academy with Mimi and Aunt Louise:


My brother is camera shy:


But after some persuasion, he finally relented:


When Jeff went away to college, I took over his bedroom.  The absolute funniest thing happened one day while he was gone.  He had a stash of dirty magazines hidden up in the suspended ceiling.  Me, being of curious nature, would dig a few out and … well … thumb through them.  One time while doing so, the frickin’ suspended ceiling collapsed and a bunch of porn mags fell out onto my bed.  I ran upstairs and told my parents that I was just lying on my bed and the flippin’ ceiling collapsed … BUT LOOK WHAT I FOUND!  Needless to say, Dad was busy “reading” the rest of the day!


These were taken in 1985, 3 weeks apart.  I totaled Dad’s truck (my fault), and Jeff totaled Mimi’s car (not really his fault).  I bet our parents were proud!

Jeff and I have led kind of opposite lives, I would hafta say.  He’s worked at the same place for over 25 years, whereas I have changed jobs several times, reinventing myself out of boredom I reckon.  Jeff has lived in the same house since he got married.  I’ve moved about the Eastern seaboard.  I’ve been married twice, first one ended in divorce.  At the bachelor party for my first husband, Jeffrey got arrested for peeing in public.  We dedicated a song to him at my wedding reception, “I Fought the Law.”  I am pretty sure this was the first time I’d ever seen my brother dance!


Jeffrey, on the other hand, has only been married once and is still married to Debbie; they celebrated 20 years in February (I think):


And within the next few years along came my nephews, Zachary and Joshua:


They are both teenagers now, Josh in college and Zach a junior in high school (I think).  He’s in high school anyway.  I’m terrible with this stuff.  This is one of latest pics I have of Jeff from when I went up to NH last June:


Jeff FINALLY got a dog, and his name is … Crap I can’t remember.

I have much more to share, but I’m planning on my brother having a LOT more birthdays to celebrate, so maybe I will make an annual event outta this.

For now, Happy Birthday, Jeff … I love you!

CORRECTION:  Spoke with Lynn tonight … the Orion was 35′ long … 6 people on a 35′ sailboat was crowded enough, never mind 30′!

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  1. I think big bro is thinkin of how many ways he can kill you rite now,,,did your dad wear hats made out of beer cans i remember someone down back wearing them ,but im not sure who it was,,Crap I can’t remember, is a funny name for a dog,,, great pictures

  2. LOL … yes he did wear a hat made out of Budweiser cans. I can’t even remember if Jeff’s dog is male or female. I’m a mess! Glad you enjoyed the pics. I found a newspaper pic of you cooking on a big grill … at least I think that’s what you were doing. It’s a small picture.

  3. Jennifer, very touching. Good pics of you Mom and Dad too. You definitely have the blogging thing down well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you, Charlie … I enjoy blogging more than I ever imagined I would. I appreciate you following my posts!

  5. Cuzin, very nice! I remember some of those photos!! Funny.

    Happy birthday Jeff!

  6. Thx, Barb, I ran across some pics from weddings and stuff on your side of the family! Good memories.

  7. Happy Bday Jeffrey Huntinton Patten! wink

  8. Wonderful tribute, Jen and very funny too–you are a writer!!

  9. Thx Auntie, I kinda felt like I wasn’t on my “game” yesterday, so I appreciate that you enjoyed it. Jeff liked it too, yay!

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