Not only is this song an oldie and a goody, but somebody has set it to an amazing video.  Watching and listening can actually take you to a peaceful place, if only for a few minutes … it’s awesome!  But this post isn’t gonna be about such deep thoughts as the song depicts.  It’s just been a hot dang summer, and I’m ready for some cooler weather!  I must be getting ornery these days, as I usually can deal with just about any kind of weather without too much complaint.  No sense stressing out over something completely beyond my control, right?!  The sweat was pouring off me yesterday, and, quite frankly, I’m ready for some jeans and flannel shirt time.


Kinda coincidental that I was thinking that yesterday, as just this morning another local blogger shared a posting on Facebook about Christmas of 2010 here in Franklin.  He shows some amazing pics … click here and check out Thunderpig’s blog.  It was a beautiful, snowy day here in the mountains, an authentic white Christmas.  Sammie Sad Eyes and I frolicked in the snow for hours … what a hoot!  You can barely see her head in this image:


This is one of my faves of us from that day:


So, this morning, as da Samster and I were preparing to take our walk out in the sticky humidity, I first performed my obligatory check of recent Facebook posts, and didn’t my cousin Barb post that she and her hubby are up at their beautiful second home in the mountains of NH for the weekend?!  Can you say ENVIOUS!


I’d dare say their second home is bigger than my first and only home … isn’t it beautiful? Believe it or not, the weather in New Hampshire is very similar to the weather here in Western North Carolina – the major difference being that obviously it snows more up north.  But they don’t cancel school as much as they do down here due to snow … just ask Barbara, as she’s been driving rugrats to school for many years.  That said, it’s not quite as mountainous where she drives in Massachusetts.


Since I’m not able to travel right now, I secretly (well not so secretly now) live vicariously through my cousin, Barbara, and her hubby, Charlie (I think she calls him Chuck). We have a real close-knit family, hehe! We don’t see each other much, but it’s always fun when we do. They do lots of hiking and biking and whatnot up in the mountains of NH and have posted some fantastic photos:


Charlie labeled this one Iron Mountain in the fall from Mount Stanton Trail on Mount Pickering.  How pretty is that?

Barbara posted this one of a bear on their property just a couple of weeks ago … wicked cool:


I took this one with my phone in Highlands, NC, one night I was working up there.  I had gotten some much better pics, but I was using a new phone and kept hitting delete instead of save … doh!  I call him peak-a-boo bear cuz he’s hiding behind that trash can at an ice cream shop:

peekaboo bear

We got a call shortly after I took this, and with the accent of the dispatcher, I swore he said, “We’ve got a FIYAH spotted at such-and-such restaurant.”  I was like, “Wrong frequency, dudes, I’m da po-po.” But he was saying bear.  The nice folks that worked at the establishment had sprayed bear mace; that was pleasant.  Anyway, here’s hoping Barb and Chuck have another wonderful weekend and encounter lots more Kodak moments that they can share with the rest of us.


On another note, somebody asked me last night if I’d sold my travel camper!  Not my beloved BeastMobile … NEVER!  I have yet to finish installing the dang screen room and tearing up the carpet to then put linoleum down.  And besides, where else am I gonna live when my house sells?!  I might just take it up to NH and park it by my cousin’s crib … we’ve got lots of catching up to do!

BTW, I intended to post this much earlier but had some technical difficulties with an update to plug-in called Jetpack.  I swear it takes me hours to fix stuff that should take minutes.  Thankfully, I back up my files and was able to restore but not before I accidentally unplugged the ‘puter while restoration in progress!  So actually, the restoration is incomplete, but I can’t figure out how to complete it … so if Zombies and/or pink elephants and tiny giraffes come onto y’all’s screens, I apologize.  It’s been a day to say the least!  Aahhh … Friday!

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  1. Oh that was so nice, thank you! Yes we do have lots of catching up. I tried to post on the blog but it was doing something kind of funky so had to post it on here.

  2. Jennifer, thank you for our “guest appearance” in your blog. BTW, Barbara calls me many names but I don’t take offense as long as she doesn’t call me late for supper!

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