Not gonna lie … I am dreading going back to a 9-to-5 in a couple weeks; make that a 4p-12a, as I could only get 2nd or 3rd shift.  I think those hours will work well for me though.  We shall see.  I dunno if I am doing the right thing by working from home again, but bills must be paid.  Ya reckon I could “gift” my house back to the bank?!  Nah, jus’ kidding.

Gonna take off in da BeastMobile on Monday.  Thought of going today, but then I remembered I have a dental cleaning Monday morning.  I wouldn’t miss that for the world … it’s been 7 years since I’ve worshipped the dental chair.  Can’t wait for all that gum poking … woo wee!  At least I’ve already had the initial exam … no cabbities – yippee!  Flossing really pays off, as much of a PITA it is (pain in the ass, Henry, in case you didn’t know what that meant).


Oh … I got some more hate mail from the president of my “fan club.”  I wasn’t gonna share it, but I don’t have much else to write about.  And I really want to address a couple of points made in the message because as hurtful as the message is, I still found it helpful.  At least if I take off for a couple weeks, I might have more fodder for writing.  So here it is:

“Thank you for the proper spelling. Conceited not like ‘stuck up’ its like you think you are all that. Like the world evolves around you. Like you are the only one that has struggles in life. You don’t know the half of it. Why don’t you tell your five followers the true person you are. You are right karma is hell, I know. One day it will truly ring true for you.”

First off, and this is pure semantics, to me “stuck up” means you think you are all that, like this person said, i.e. conceited.  I dunno if that is a northern term or what, but it’s certainly plausible that this person has never heard the term before.


I can also see why some might perceive that I think too highly of myself.  I work hard to look the way I do, and I am proud of it.  I try to encourage others to exercise because not only does it make one look good, much more importantly, it makes one feel good as well.  Looks certainly are not everything.  I lack in many other areas, which should be obvious by now.  ‘Nuff said.



Ha ha ha!  OMG I am KIDDING.  I do, however, have a tendency to look at situations only on how I affected them.  I automatically assume when something bad happens to someone I love, it is somehow my fault.  I blame myself for a lot of stuff and project that guilt on others.  Make any sense?  It’s definitely not a good trait, but it is what it is.


Thirdly, I darn well know I’m not the only person that has struggles in life.  The whole point of setting up this blog was to let others know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, that we ALL suffer in some way, and that we are not alone!  Also, that I have found the power of positive thinking to help me tremendously, but it ain’t foolproof, and I thought maybe … just maybe … it might help others.  I realize now and understand that my blog might be perceived as me looking for folks to feel sorry for me.  I promise you … that is not it at all.  I am trying to relate to others.  Maybe I need to take another approach, which is sumpn I will think about when my adventure begins in two days.

I think this little Twitter bird is so cute!



Oh … I always get off track.  And just know, I signed up on Twitter … I have a big fat ZERO followers … can’t figure out how da blasted thing works!  So da Prez is 100% accurate; I don’t have a bunch of followers yet.  I can handle that.

Lastly, why don’t I tell my FIVE followers the true person I am?!  Wait just a dang minute here foo’ … I have more than five followers.  I have SIX … when I count you!  I’ve said many times I consider myself a painfully honest person.  I don’t claim to be perfect, and I try to make that clear.  Perhaps I have failed.  I have done some awful things in my life … nothing to go to jail for, but I’ve hurt people (oh gosh, not physically and not particularly intentionally).  So do me a favor:


Time to Google NC campgrounds … I don’t wanna venture all that far from home.  Gas is way too expensive for my thirsty 6-mile-a-gallon BeastMobile!

Meantime, hope y’all have a fabulous weekend, and if you are alone … remember this:


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  1. Hi Jen you can count me as one of your follower. I enjoy your blog read them all. Tell the guy that gave you the negative response to “Go suck an egg”

  2. Aw thx! Great to hear from you. It’s a chick actually. Cat fight, ya know?! Hehe!

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