While I certainly know firsthand the benefits of taking an antidepressant medication, I also know that exercise is a completely natural and virtually cost-free means of feeling better, lifting one’s spirits, and providing an overall sensation of well being.  I often have to remind myself, when I absolutely dread tearing away from this ‘puter to jump around like a freak for 45 minutes to an hour or to lift heavy dang objects only to put them down again, that it is vital to my survival.  At times like this, I say to myself … “Hey, self!”

one workout away



Then I’ll go put on a video, where it sits at the menu, and lollygag around in an effort to delay the start of my workout.  I will change into my gym shorts and sports bra; maybe even floss and brush my teeth, cuz hey … who wants bad breath when you’re panting up a storm; and sometimes I even wash my feet cuz I don’t wanna put clean socks on dirty feet … then they’d be dirty from in the inside out … yuck.  Yup, I tend to delay gratification, hehe.  After about 20 minutes of this and realizing the effects of my pre-workout supa powa shake are wearing off … I hit it hard.  I’d like to think I have some semblance of self-discipline, at least in the area of fitness, but I struggle with motivation at times:


This morning I sucked down my usual shake, which consists of about 10 oz. of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a handful of crushed ice, a frozen banana, a blueberry Activia yogurt, 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein, 2 scoops of Jack3d (that’s where the supa powa comes from), and a spoonful of psyllium fiber (low-carb diets are notoriously low in fiber so I supplement, and yes, I take in carbs before each workout).  Then I thought, “What-should-I-do? Cardio or weights today?”  I wanted something heart pumping and sweat inducing to shake off some stress.


I know what you’re thinking … “Aroo?”  That’s Sammie speak for “What da shiznit?!”  Well, I decided instead of cardio or weights, I would trim-a-tree-ersize!  This Holly tree, which is huge and quite pretty, blocks my side walkway some.  It never dawned on me to cut some branches off til it was suggested to me.  I dunno what it is about yard work, I just don’t really know what needs to be done.  That said, I had to consult with ole Sad Eyes, cuz she really likes to hide under this tree:


This was taken a couple years ago; she has a tennis ball in her mouth and is cooling off in the shade of the tree.

As per usual, I didn’t think to consult with her until AFTER I’d already started.  She seemed pretty cool widdit:


I guess the branches are quite tasty.  Besides, there’s still shade under the tree, just no camouflage effect:


Oh boy, there’s that birdfeeder a-hangin’ down that was once hidden by the recently cut branches.  I reckon I’ll hafta go back to filling it up again … been on a low budget, thought I was gonna be moving, so I stopped buying bird food.  It’s getting terribly ‘spensive.  Y’all been noticing that everything monetary is going up, except wages?!  Sometimes I stand in the grocery store in awe of the price of butter.  Anyway, the wild, feathered, flying fruitcakes retaliated by dive bombing the house in kamikaze fashion, yup … suicide dive bombing.  The more cowardice birds have been leaving soupy li’l puddles on the roof of da house and all over da BeastMobile … bastids!

As with pressure washing, once I get started on something, I don’t wanna stop.  Well, looky there, I have another Holly tree:


While this one isn’t really in the way, I thought it only fair that I treat it the same as its sibling.  I found myself singing Christmas songs while cutting branches (have a holly jolly Christmas, blah-de blah blah blah blah blah, say hello …).  As I was humming melodiously, I ran into an obstacle:


A birds nest!  I thought, “OMG, OMG, OMG … what if there are babies in there?!  I hope I didn’t piss Momma bird off.”  So I got a step ladder thingy and checked it out, sure that I would fall off of it like the klutz that I am, grab the branch for support, and send the baby birdies plummeting to their sudden deaths.  But I mustered up a gracefulness I never knew I possessed, climbed up the li’l ladder, and peeked into the nest … nuthin’ in it but a deployment letter from the US Army.  Daddy had been sent to Afghanistan to serve our great nation, and I reckon the family went with him.  I didn’t have the heart to tear their house down, so it remains, ready for a hero’s welcome.  That is why the front branch is a bit lower than the others:


As I was working on this 2nd tree, I managed to yank off the remnants of a boo-boo, a burn I sustained a few nights ago.  Thankfully, I am proficient in first aid:


Yup, all well and good til the sweat started dripping down my arm, like 10 seconds later, promptly sliding this bandage down to my wrist.  Oh well … A for effort.  The scar will be that much more pronounced now.  I’m working on a pizza scar.  Dunno if it shows well in this pic but there is an old scar underneath the new boo-boo on my forearm:


Both scars come from the heating element in the top of my oven.  Both were sustained cooking frozen pizza.  The bottom one’s name is Digiorno CTC (classic thin crust):


And I call the new, recently ripped open blemish Harry (HRI) … for Homerun Inn.  Interestingly, my mom used to call my dad Harry … hmmm:


That there is some darn GOOD stuff.


I figure I will make a circumferential scar (big word, huh?), maybe cook up some Totino’s, Celeste, or Red Baron to further the burns.  Then I will get an Italian tribal tattoo to cover the scars up.  I just dunno if Italy has tribes; history wasn’t my thang!  Ix-Nay da tribal deal then … pepperoni laced with minced garlic perhaps?  Or maybe I will have the words … “When your eye hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!” inked around my forearm, but I assure you I won’t go THIS far:


Yowza, you can find anything on the interwebz!  Darn it … I always get off track.  I guess I just wanted to point out that exercise is something you do, strenuous in nature, that is out of the norm for what you usually spend your time doing.  So trimming trees, which I do almost never, is great exercise and gets something else accomplished to boot!  AND, it is a great antidepressant.  Jus’ sayin’!  It also helps with sleep:


Silly mutt is yelping right now, probably dreaming of chasing a squirrel … I love her!

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