Holy cow … what a day!  The folks who have been wishing bad karma on me hit the jackpot this morning.  How I had the presence of mind to take pictures after laying in this ditch for three hours is beyond me.  I guess I figured it would make a good blog post.  I should’ve just gone camping as originally planned, but I ended up ix-naying that for now.

So anyway, Burningtown is a really pretty, rural area of Franklin.  I took a pic of the creek here a short distance before I wrecked.


How and why did I wreck?!  Flip if I know.  Here’s where it happened:


My poor BeastTrek.  I usually wear a helmet, but for some reason I felt like living life on the edge today.  I was lucky that I didn’t do any serious damage … just lots of scratches and a bruised back:


Why was I there for three hours?  I reckon I passed out, maybe from hitting my head?  I dunno.  Then I just couldn’t seem to drag my arse up the hill.  I was on a really steep embankment.  I could hear cars going by and was trying to wave, but nobody could see me.  I did go down to the water twice, which was wicked cool and refreshing.  I laid right down in it.  I managed to get up the hill once but couldn’t drag the bike up, fell back down while trying to do so, and laid there a little longer.  But I finally climbed out of the abyss:


Whoops, I guess I got a drop of water on the lens.  I hopped back on the bike and rode maybe a mile or so to get into cell phone range; then I searched high and low in my saddlebags for my phone and realized I didn’t have it with me.  Ugh!  At that point I was exhausted, walking the bike and looking for a shady spot to rest, knowing I had about a 15-mile ride back to the house.  I had just spotted a tree on the side of the road and prepared to flop down under it when a friend drove up.  A-frickin’-men!

We went back to the crash site to see if I’d dumped my phone there.  I hadn’t but my dang baby Glock was there in the brush.  Sheesh!

All’s well that ends well.  Found my phone later on at the house.  Super sleepy tonight … can’t stop laughing about the wreck.  I’m weird like that!

  12 Responses to “Bike Wreck on Burningtown!”

  1. Yikes, Jen–thank goodness you are safely back home, and all day long I’ve been imagining you and Sammy in da beastmobile heading toward the ocean after your dentist appointment!
    Maybe, just maybe you should get your head checked out–sounds like a concussion to me!!
    Sooooo no maybes about it–DO IT!!

    • Oh, Crud, Auntie I totally forgot about the darn dental appointment! It was supposed to be at 11, but I was in the ditch at that time!

  2. What an ordeal, Jenn! Glad you lived to write about it. But dare I say how much I love your crazy, wonderful, spririt! XO Sorry this happened, but many a blessing came out of it, a friend, a phone, and a good rest later.Read more

  3. Opps, we’d better be careful w/Beast words! Geesh! Put a fork in me, I’m done!

  4. Stop encouraging me, Woman! Haaa!

  5. And, for crying on tears, please wear your bike helmet from now on!

  6. I may just stay clear of the bike for now … the gears got messed in the crash!

  7. Golly Miss Molly you were out in my neighborhood and i missed rescueing you. If you were in the creek you would have motived a old man. (wet T-shirt) That site is real near a friend of mines property that i keep a eye on for him.

    • Oh that’s right, I hadn’t even remembered that is your neck of the woods, Larry! Wasn’t nobody watching the property yesterday LOL!

  8. Some people will do anything for attention but wrecking a bike? Hope you are recooperating!

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