Some of life’s chapters end abruptly and even painfully, some end wonderfully and better than we could have ever hoped for, and some just sorta dangle there, leaving us to wonder where they are leading and if they will EVER end peaceably.  As in a novel, chapters end and the story goes on, but elements of certain chapters creep back into the story as it is told. The great thing is, we can always begin a new chapter, whenever we desire. An important thing to remember is this:


Dwelling on the past is not healthy.  It keeps one stagnant, unable to completely move ahead.  I reckon what we must do rather than dwell on things is learn from them, accept them, and move on … put ‘em out of our heads (much easier said than done).  Naturally, certain decisions you make and actions you take in the future will be based on the past; I think that is how it’s supposed to be.  Just don’t dwell on stuff you have no power to change.  This is where I’ve struggled over the last couple of years.


Ultimately, as simple as this sounds:


A new chapter is developing in my life right now … I believe some good things are on the horizon, and I plan to work very hard to bring these to fruition, and I’m just gonna:


Without going into much detail, I am going to refocus my writing a little or maybe even a lot … I’ve just gotta see where it takes me.  As far as the future of this blog, I’m not really sure.  I reckon I will get inspired every few days to make a post.  It’s really become quite a journal of some of my life’s events, which turns some people off, while others enjoy it.  For me, I look at it as a permanent record of fading memories that I will have forever and ever.  So no matter what directions this blog takes, I will always be grateful for what I’ve recorded.


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Gnite!  Smile

  3 Responses to “Life’s Chapters …”

  1. Happy that you will be doing more writing! XO

  2. XO back atcha … writing seems to be in my blood! I need to do it. :)

  3. You are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You write from a real person’s point of view. That is what I like reading…keep up the great work…I will buy the first cioy of your first book!

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