Feelin’ da Love!

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Apr 232012



Yup, Sammie and I took the plunge and rededicated ourselves to each other, hehe.  Hell, I ain’t having any luck with men, so why not renew my vows with my ever faithful mutt, my big bag of brat, my boo?  I know she will never let me down, and I hope I never let her down.

Something changed between me and da Samster after we lost our beloved ZekeyBoy that fateful day he wrestled with a UPS truck and lost.  We formed a bond that we hadn’t shared before.  We always loved each other, but Sammie was daddy’s li’l girl.  Her human daddy was retired and home with her all the time.  She followed him around the yard while he worked during the day and sat in a rocking chair beside him every single night on the front porch.  This pic was taken on November 5, 2010, a week before we lost Don:


The night ZB took off for the Rainbow Bridge, Sammie cuddled with me while I cried myself to sleep.  It used to be she would sleep on the couch part of the night and at the end of my bed the rest of it.  Now, she is with me 95% the time I am laying in the bed.  For a couple days AZ (after ZekeyBoy), it was obvious Sammie was in mourning, but then something odd happened.  She developed a new spring in her step, a sweet kind of youthful playfulness.  It seemed like she was taking on some of ZB’s characteristics.  She would run a lot more during our “walks,” she would growl at the horses as if trying to round them up like ZB used to do, she would ask me to share my cheeseburgers with her, and she would even lift a hind leg up to pee.  I kid you not!

I wake up every day now to a face licking, complete with wet willies and eyewashes.  I giggle madly as Sammie ravishes my ear wax and sleepy seeds.  I can’t think of a better way to start my day.  I know, it sounds kinda gross, especially if you are not into dogs, but I wouldn’t trade my sweet Sammie Sad Eyes for anything in this crazy world.  She is my only constant.  Oh, and I do wash my face as soon as I drag outta the bed, lol, but I don’t let her see that, might hurt her precious heart.


I look into your eyes
I look into your eyes and can see,
The trust that is built between you and me.
You never judge me when I am blue,
You are a friend that’s always true.
The life you lead is like that of a child,
Sometimes you’re calm and sometimes you’re wild.
We walk outside every day,
And that is when we both like to play.
If life was as simple as it seems to be for you,
We would be content and happy too.
Your loyalty is one of love,
You are a gift from heaven above.
It’s hard to think of you as just a pet,
When you are the best friend I could ever get.
I know to most you’re only a dog that lives here,
But to me you’re the friend that is always near. — Author unknown.

Our Morning Walks …

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Mar 252012



Naturally, this morning, I didn’t have my camera with me on our walk.  I lost it yesterday in the sea of mess that is my garage.  I took this pic with my cell phone, so the quality is not great.  It’s a snail!  I haven’t seen a snail in ages.  At first I thought it was an acorn with its guts squishing out, then it dawned on me that acorns don’t have squishy guts … or do they?  I dunno.

Doesn’t matter.  I’ve really come to enjoy our morning walks.  We never took them before ZekeyBoy came along, but Sammie and I continue them AZB (after ZekeyBoy).  I really paid attention to the sounds of this morning … birds chirping morning lullabies (or maybe they were ordering breakfast), roosters cock-a-doodling, crows crowing, geese honking, a woodpecker pecking, and even an owl hooting.  There were also dogs barking, protecting their owners’ property … you’re welcome neighbors; we feel if we are up, everyone should be, hehe.  After all, it’s the most beautiful time of the day!

The sights were pretty cool too.  Horses running up to their fences to say hello, hoping we had some grain or carrots to feed them (fail), the supa cool snail above, and, low and behold, the 2 huge whitetail deer that ZB used to chase are back!  They musta got the memo that ZB is no longer a threat.  Sammie tracked ‘em a li’l but more so in a playful way, not full charge like it was her duty to round ‘em up like ZB would do.  They were beautiful.

Figures I didn’t have my camera!

Mar 152012


I let you down.  I wanted you to have the freedom to roam da ‘hood like Sammie does, even though it scared me to death.  Just this morning, while we were walking in the dark, you tried to herd up 4 miniature horses.  It looked like one of them kicked you, but actually it had tried and you dodged a bullet cuz you were so gosh darned fast.  I looked up in the sky and thanked God for watching over you.  Sometimes I hate my intuition … I told a friend weeks ago that I have a feeling I am gonna be making my US UDB Tour with one dog; however, I thought it was Sammie who might go due to her age.

I am trying so hard not to cuss.  While I know everything happens for a reason, I am pissed at myself.  Thank God he died instantly.  He went after a UPS truck.  You remember, I made a funny post about that just the other day … not so funny anymore; what an ass I was.  I didn’t think he would get under the wheels.  I hate myself for that.  I watched him and so did my neighbors.  Yuck!

I’m not gonna let this defeat me, but isn’t it something that just as soon as you feel happy and that your life is on track, something comes along to knock you down.  Why is that?  I knew it was too good to be true, but I’m gonna keep on fighting.

I haven’t cried this hard in a long time.  I’ve been told I don’t grieve properly, but there is something to be said for losing a being that goes way before his or her time.  I loved that little mutt.  I hugged him hard last night as he laid next to me in the bed on his back, with all 4’s standing straight up.   I failed him and I will always be sorry for that.  RIP my sweet goofy mutt, ZekeyBoy.  Sammie and I will always love you.

Mar 132012


Now that term has two meanings around here that I am familiar with, one of them being if it is deer hunting season and you are a deer, you better stay clear.  I’m not gonna talk about the other meaning.  After all, I have discovered a third meaning … thanks to my beloved ZekeyBoy.  He has decided he will not be outrun by a UPS truck.

We were just about done with our evening walk when “brown” came down the road.  I held onto both muttz until I felt “brown” had passed sufficiently by.  Now Sammie usually curtails ZB’s efforts to chase vehicles, but I reckon she’d had about enough for the day … we were all panting and sweating cuz it’s summertime weather here.  Off went ZB, chasing good ‘ole “brown” up over the hill.  Then I heard a bunch of other dogs barking; I reckon they are the same dogs ZB was trying to taunt from across the creek the other day.  I thought for sure Zekey was a goner ‘til I just looked out the window and saw him laying by my truck, in hiding, ready to pounce when that evil “brown” comes back up the road.

Oh yea, he’s a bad ass.  I took him and Sammie to a sort of a nature trail for a walk a couple days ago, but he decided he’d rather walk down the main road.  I yelled and yelled for him to come back, but he ignored me.  I fired up the truck to go get his furry arse, and as I was pulling onto the road, he came a-running at full speed, his back hair standing on end, with the two most vicious looking dogs I’d ever seen chasing him.  The one closest to ZB’s jowls were swinging back and forth, with drool slinging out from each side.  I wish I had the presence of mind to take a picture, but all I could think about was saving ZB’s life.  I thought about reaching over and opening the passenger door so he could jump in, but I figured jowl-boy would jump in too.

It all happened so fast but seemed to be in slow motion at the same time.  I got out of the truck, sure that I would find the two predators eating Zeke alive.  But no … there he was, sitting and watching them as they ran away.  He had the look of victory all about him.  I think I even saw him beating his chest.  But truth be known he was scared to death.  He jumped into the truck and did not want to come back out for our walk.  Toopy mutt!

So … back to “brown.”  All I know is there is a $20 bill missing from my desk and ZB is nowhere to be found.  I think he paid the Fed Ex driver to chase “brown” cuz he “absolutely, positively, had to eat that driver overnight.”  I guess I will see him in the a.m.




Well, well, well … apparently li’l ZB has been leading a double life!  One afternoon he had been outside gallivanting for hours.  I just figured he was rounding up horses or politicking in da ‘hood.  He came home with what appeared to be hair mousse all over his face and ears and a pancake in his mouth.  The mousse smelled kinda fruity, which was much more pleasant than what he usually comes home smelling like, so I didn’t even question him.  I tried to take the pancake away, as we eat low carb around here, but he wouldn’t give it up.  He said he had worked hard for it.  Whatever.

Fast forward to this morning.  My neighbor bought these treats for ZB and SSE, and look who is on the bag?!  None other than a “moussed-up” version of the Zekester!  I always wondered why he would run out to get the mail before I got a chance to … he’s been picking up his paychecks from Woof & Wag Modeling Agency.  He’s been squirreling the money away while I pay for his food, toys, and vet care.  Whassup widdat?!  He said he is saving it to buy me and SSE each a special gift and to give the rest the animal shelter he came from.  Aw, how can I fault him for that?

As for the pancake and the biscuit he brought home the next day, he said there was a gourmet roach coach that came through the photo shoot twice a day.  Hmmm … I wonder if he is fibbing just a li’l bit.  Nah … not MY child!

And as for my gift, Zekeyboy, howzabout just putting the money towards our US UDB Tour?  That would be swell!

Mar 052012


Please make a law against it.  I know the sheriff would love nothing more than to haul me in.  I tried to get a true picture of what was going on here, but damn ZekeyBoy would not cooperate.  A simple trip to the store … he was in my face the whole time, like I owed him lunch or something.  In this pic, he is looking out the window, cuz there were horses in a field … he was dreaming of hot, steamy meadow muffins.  But in all reality, his cold snout was right up to my face most of the trip.  The same face that eats horse poo, dog poo, deer poo, bear poo, and probably skunk poo … any kind of poo he can find.  This morning I thought he was pickin’ up some poo, so I scolded him.  Then the Maglite revealed he had half a freakn’ mouse in his choppers.  I never gagged when I was a deputy and I saw some stuff, but I gag like mad at ZB’s antics.

I dunno if y’all can see unless you click on the pic, but my “good” doggie, Sammie, is chillin’ in the backseat, oblivious to any stress that might be happening inside the vehicle.  I mean, I’ve got people behind me that are clearly watching me taking pictures and wondering why I am going 20 mph in a 35 mph zone!

Dogs are just like people … couples have a baby and think “oh, what a wonderful baby who sleeps through the night and never fusses … we should have another.”  Then BLAM!  Psycho baby who can’t stay still, doesn’t listen, turns his or her head 360 degrees, is up all night, and believes he or she is what the world revolves around.  But mommy and daddy still love ‘em; hell, what other choice is there?!

Don’t get me wrong … I love my muttz.  I just don’t get why ZB would eat poop when he gets cheeseburgers, shrimp, crab dip, omelettes, and every other sinful delight under the sun.  I guess it is instinct.

Today, I had a fleeting thought that I just can’t handle my dogs anymore.  One of those, “I just wanna give up everything” thoughts.  We all have them, and then we go right back to loving and appreciating the nonsense that is our lives.  I reckon everyone, no matter what their circumstances, sometimes thinks that they just can’t go on.  But we do go on … and do wonderful things … thanks to our blessings that we sometimes curse.  Take nothing for granted.

Ok so on a serious note, distracted driving is real.  Lots of peeps, including teenagers, have died from it.  I do NOT recommend it.  We all, me especially, have this sort of “immortal” feeling and believe that “it” won’t happen to us.  Well guess what?  ”It” might.  ”It” has happened to lotsa folks who didn’t think it would.  Why do I still do it?  I dunno … why do you?

Because I care,





I walk da muttz with my neighbors every morning and every night.  Each walk is a new adventure, some good and some terribly stressful.  Tonight’s walk was looking quite grim, as ZB tried to herd up a couple of horses, Secrets and Cadar, who were none to pleased.  They usually just ignore ZB, but tonight they swatted at him a few times.  I had visions of an emergency trip to the vet.  ZB’s darn herding instincts, while cute, are enough to give his mom a heart attack!

Up the road where the Shetland ponies live, I ran into that sweet boy from my last post and these other cute kids.  They were amazing.  I always act like I don’t like kids and call them li’l rugrats; it is just a façade.  Anytime kids are around, I give them more attention than I do adults.  They are so sweet and innocent.  I told my neighbors I would catch up with them, and the muttz played with the children, with lotsa fun and giggles.


A woman came out of the house and called them in.  I was kinda bummed.  I wish she came out so we could introduce ourselves to each other.  I meant no harm.  It was such a beautiful evening that I hated her dragging them inside.  Oh well.  I reckon she thought I might be some kind of freak.  What a sad world we live in now.  I miss the old days … I grew up in a great place where the kids in da ‘hood played til dark, only to return home when they heard their mom or dad calling their names.  I even remember the pets … one being Pepper, a huge German Shepard who watched all of our wiffle ball games.  I miss those days.

So I believe ZB has the kiddie vote for Prez … now we just gotta work on the adults.

Feb 172012



“Vote for me and I will build a skate ramp in da ‘hood!”  Well that put a huge smile on this sweet boy’s face!  Sammie Sad Eyes has been the president of my neighborhood for the past 4 or 5 years.  ZB wants to take over the presidency until we leave on our UDB US tour.

I once left SSE at a boarding facility when my late hubby and I were traveling.  I said to the woman who ran the kennel … “now look, Sammie is the president, so don’t be alarmed if you see secret service flying overhead … they will be checking on her periodically.”  The woman looked at me like I was nutzo.  Maybe I am, or maybe she had her sense of humor surgically removed.

SSE is very proud that her li’l brudda wants to follow in her footsteps!


Smile with tongue out

Feb 132012



Sorry for the poor-quality pic … the one time I didn’t bring my camera on our morning walk and ZekeyBoy finds a true treasure!  This was taken with my cell phone.  What’s that in ZB’s mouth?  Well, it’s a frozen horse apple or meadow muffin … better known as poop, and a jumbo-sized one at that.  As his mom, naturally my heart swelled with pride as he carried that thing for a half a mile, viciously protecting it from my attempts at pulling and kicking it out of his mouth.  The only good thing was he couldn’t chase cars cuz he was concentrating intensely on his jaw grip.

His flapper started to get tired after awhile, so he would drop his gem very briefly.  I was finally able to kick it away and guess what happened?  Her loving sister, Sammie Sad Eyes, scooped it up in her mouth and proceeded to eat it as ZB watched helplessly.  Not to worry, we were right by the horse pasture again … plenty still left on the buffet.  Nummy nummy!

Smile with tongue out

Feb 102012


Sammie Sad Eyes has become quite the protector of li’l ZekeyBoy.  I know it’s hard to see in the pic (unless you click on it to enlarge), but ZB is digging in a dirt pile across the street, while SSE keeps a close eye on her brudda from afar.  About 30 minutes earlier, ZB tried to take on the dump truck that dumped the load of dirt.  He stood his ground and did quite well actually.  He chased the large, but utterly frightened truck straight plumb outta da ‘hood, after it dumped its load of course.

Speaking of ZB chasing vehicles … it his one his favorite pastimes, much to my chagrin and worry.  I guess it is all part of his herding instinct.  So now I hold him back and let the car get really far ahead.  When I set him free, he still goes barrel-assin’ down the road.  Of late, SSE has picked up on the fact that I’m not a big fan of this game; I reckon she picked up on it from the way I scream ZEEEEEKKK whenever he goes after cars, trucks, dogs, deer, horses, kids on bicycles, etc.

Now SSE chases ZB, barking ferociously, and hip checks him into the ditch on the side of the road … it’s a hoot.  It almost looks like the PIT maneuver utilized by law enforcement to take a car off the road.  ZB goes tumbling over and gets so discombobulated he forgets he was chasing anything.  I’m proud of my Sammie-girl for helping me discipline and protect her brubby.  He’s such a Zeke!

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