No really … it did … uh … physically bigger that is.  Thought I’d share the not-so-flattering pics just to show I’m not as vain as I sometimes come across, especially in my fitness-related posts and pics.  The meals at rehab were heavily carb laden.  I did a good job on them, desserts and all; I was proud … NOT!  For the first couple weeks I was eating my desserts as well as someone else’s—carbs make you crave more carbs; it is what it is.

I did manage to exercise for the first week and a half of the 6-week program in my room, but then I got a roommate and didn’t really wanna continue that practice.  The young girl liked her sleep a whole lot, so jumpin’ up and down and all around like a flaming lunatic at 5:30 a.m. wouldn’t have bode well for this old fart.


Um, that’s dudETTE, and yes I did but only 6 pounds, feels like more; my clothes are a lot tighter.  Must have to do with that fat weighs less than muscle but takes up more space thingamajig.  I dunno.  Anyway, the scale at the rehab facility had me believing I gained 12 pounds, so at least I caught somewhat of a break in pounds; apparently, the rehab scale hasn’t been calibrated, like ever.  One good thing is my boobies are bigger, hehe.  That’s biggER but not big by any means.


Not working out has caused some ill effects on me.  No I didn’t end up in a jail cell like the one above.  I just feel really old.  The beds had these mats for mattresses except a li’l thicker.  I was lucky cuz I got a brand new one, yet it still was not all that comfy.  They are like tarp material filled with a big wad of cotton.  My right arm still hurts from sleeping on it funny.  Wah, wah, wah!


Oh, so we did get some hardcore exercise every Wednesday in the form of dodge ball and ultimate Frisbee.  I got hit sorta hard in my face last Wednesday, knocked the dang bandana right off my head.  It was funny.  No so funny is my arse has been killing me for almost a week since the last time I played.  If you really wanna know how cardiovascularly out of shape you might be, give ultimate Frisbee a whirligig.  It’s kinda like football with a Frisbee ‘cept you can only take 2 steps before you pass off the Frisbee to a teammate.  All you do is run and run and then run some more.  I can see the game being potentially joyful to play once I get back into shape.


So the buttocks feels a li’l better today; hence, I just lifted weights for 30 minutes.  I used half as much weight as usual.  I really recommend that to peeps who haven’t worked out in a while.  Otherwise, you could be super sore for a lot longer than you will be if you take it easy and work your way up gradually, and you’ll be much more likely to stick with the workouts.  It’s too frustrating to try to use the same weight you used to, and you risk exhausting yourself to the point of quitting.


I’m back to a low carb WOE (way of eating – diet is a dirty word).  Just had my post workout meal of 2 eggs and a sausage patty, yum.  The red stuff is hot sauce, a southern staple.  No carbs (ketchup has some).  Supposedly, cayenne helps burn fat … I dunno but worth a try.

I got lots to do … y’all have a great day!



And super cheap at $2.99 a pound.  The store was out the other day, so I bought catfish fillets at $6.99 a pound.  While quite delectable, not near as delicious as the cheaper nuggets.  So I went back the next day after they restocked on the whiskered feline-guppy chunks and bought all they had, hehe.  I know a bargain when I see one, especially one that provides such culinary delight.

I am right now devouring a pound of ‘em, dipping them in my homemade cocktail sauce, complete with lotsa horseradish … mmmmm.  The simple things in life, baby!  The fryolator thingie is the best kitchen appliance I have bought in a long time, gonna get me a propane-powered one for my trip.  I fry lotsa stuff in it, and yes, my cholesterol level is perfectly healthy.  In fact, my GOOD cholesterol is what puts my cholesterol level over 200, the supposed “unhealthy” range.

Well, it looks like I’m not gonna be able to eat it all … two nuggets left.  I gotta stop making my cheeseburgers so big as well.  ZekeyBoy used to help me with what I couldn’t finish.

Smile with tongue out

Feb 242012



For the most part, I eat a low-carb diet.  However, I do let chocolate and thin-crust pizza in every now and then.  I just feel better physically and emotionally when I eat low carb … no bloating and no emotional eating.  Fat is my fuel rather than carbs.  I couldn’t see my ab 6-pack til a few months after I began a low-carb lifestyle.

Here’s a sample of some of the yummy stuff I’ve made (except the scallops, got them in Boston):

pizza1 Pizza on a cream cheese-based crust.

creamyptCreamy pork tenderloin medallions with bacon.

buffalofingersChicken fingers breaded with flaxseed meal, wing sauce/bleu cheese.

ssgswissomletteSausage and swiss cheese omelette.

MexshrimpMexican shrimp, cheese, and chorizo sausage casserole.

ScallopsbaconScallops wrapped in bacon.

PizzPizza on a cauliflower-based crust.

shrimpPeel-and-eat shrimp.

grilledsammichGrilled turkey and swiss on a low-carb tortilla w/ horseradish sauce.

Crabdip2Hot crab dip with low-carb millet & flax garlic chips.

lcpizzaLow-carb pizza on Bob’s Red Mill low-carb bread mix.

And … the staple of my diet …

CheeseburgerMedium-raw cheddar cheeseburger.

Love me some red meat!!!

Trust me, I know many peeps think low-carb is not healthy and will clog my arteries.  I’ve done plenty of research to refute that.  My cholesterol level is a little over 200, BUT that’s only cuz my good cholesterol is so high.  Call me crazy, but I believe that we as Americans are getting heavier and less healthy because of our obsession with carbs and sugar.  I embrace my low-carb lifestyle and love coming up with new recipes.

Jan 102012



I really dunno why this beachball isn’t popping, but whatever, lol … I like the message.  I don’t believe in extremes.  I believe in balance.  I am blessed with a very fast metabolism, and I know that helps me stay thin when others struggle to GET thin.  I’ve said this before … I applaud anyone who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  Exercise is a must no matter how you eat … just sayin’.

We will all slip up, and I believe in slip-ups … by that I mean calculated slip-ups … once-a-week binges.  I eat low-carb, but I’ve got a Tombstone pizza I am going to eat tonight and some Hershey’s Special Dark pieces.  Deprivation will never work.  You have to allow yourself indulgences now and then, without guilt.  I have loved pizza and chocolate all my life, and yes I have found ways to enjoy both as low-carb treats, but there is nothing like the real thing.

Work out … eat well … and mess up every now and then.  It’s all good.

Jan 012012









We hear it all the time, especially as a New Year’s Resolution … “I’m going on a diet.”  Unfortunately, most people deprive themselves of the calories they need for however long it takes to get to their goal weight.  Then, they go right back to their old eating habits and gain it all back, and more, and they often repeat this cycle over and over, wreaking havoc on their metabolism.

However you choose to eat, whether it be a low-fat diet (carbs for fuel) or a low-carb diet (fat for fuel), it must become your permanent way of eating … a part of your lifestyle.  That’s not to say you can’t have a cheat meal or snack here and there; I wholeheartedly believe in indulging at least once a week.

Most people would be surprised how many calories one needs in a day, especially if you are incorporating exercise into your regimen, which is a must in my mind.  This will give you a good idea of how many calories you need a day to maintain your current weight.  The most important thing is to be honest with all the info you put in, especially your activity level.  If you are trying to lose weight, I suggest lowering your daily caloric intake by 300-400 calories than what your body needs to maintain your weight.  Slow weight loss is best.  Be patient!

Diet is a dirty word … we all just need to make better choices of what goes into our bodies … food is fuel!

Because I care,


Ya I Know

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Dec 222011

It seems so unhealthy, the low-carb diet.  I thought it was absolutely INSANE when I first heard about it.  Who can live without bread and pasta?  I sure as heck did not think I could.  But for some dang reason, I decided to try it … and WOW.  This is a pic of what I made for dinner tonight … creamy pork tenderloin.  Yes, that is bacon on top … who doesn’t LOVE bacon?!

It’s quite simple, eat lotsa meat.  Veggies are ok too, but I grew up a very picky eater and still have not developed a liking of the taste and texture of green stuff!  I wake up every morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night), and make myself a cheeseburger, no bun.  I use Cabot white sharp cheddar and Heinz reduced sugar ketchup.  Yum.  Pizza has always been my favorite food; there are ways to make low-carb pizza.  Nope, it is not NEARLY as good is the real thing.  So, as anyone should with any “diet,” I allow myself the real stuff from time to time.

I don’t want to preach; I want y’all to do the research, as I have.  This nation is getting fatter and fatter; who can deny that?  A low-carb diet is a wonderful way to lose weight, to lower blood sugar (for you type 2 diabetics out there), and to stop the emotional eating.

Please e-mail me at if you want some links about the low-carb lifestyle.

Because I care,



When I first heard or read about eating low carb, I thought it was absolutely nuts.  Who can live without bread and pasta?  Heck, I loved heating up a huge plate of pasta before going to bed every night.  It’s just not healthy to NOT eat carbs … we need the fuel, right?

Well, I can’t remember what inspired me to try it out.  I remember the first few nights on low carb.  I was working in law enforcement.  I must’ve been in training cuz I was with my FTO.  I was dying for some French fries as we drove down this horrible, car-sick-inducing mountain, on the way to the only place open … the Huddle House.  I felt weak and sick; this was the “induction flu.”  It’s BAD, but it went away after 2 weeks or less.

Once my body adjusted, however, some amazing things happened.  I no longer craved carbs.  Emotional eating went out the window.  No more pints of Ben and Jerry’s cuz I was feelin’ bad.  No more craving for sweets.  Food truly became fuel, as designed.  I have discovered there is such thing as low-carb bread, so sammiches are still on the menu!

I would never push this on anyone.  All I can say is it has done wonders for me emotionally and physically.

Because I  care,


Ya gotta eat!

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Dec 162011

This is a long article and well worth the read.  It is geared towards women, but I have known men who, in an effort to lose weight, have messed up their metabolisms by not eating enough … food is fuel!!!

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