Who am I?


Who am I?

At this very moment, I am an unemployed, middle-aged (ouch), female fitness enthusiast who has recently discovered the power of positive thinking.  I am unemployed by choice, having left my full-time job a few weeks ago.  I’ve always known there is more out there for me to do in this world, so I have embarked on this adventure of self-discovery as a way to uncover my potential … or … unleash da beast, per se.  I’ve been doing tons of reading and studying, and I have so much more to do.  I am really digging learning new things every day and have amazed myself, quite frankly, at how far I have come in setting up this site.

I am a widow, and I have 2 dogs:  Sammie Sad Eyes (SSE)–a female–and ZekeyBoy (ZB)–a male–and the newest addition.  I have had SSE for 6+ years and just adopted ZB, who is probably about 8 months old, a few weeks ago.  I will post pictures when I figure out how!  They, or as I refer to them, “da kidz,” are a huge part of my life … unconditional love … who could ask for anything more?!  They make me laugh everyday, and laughter truly is the best medicine.

I plan to use this blog to chronicle my journey and to share positive thoughts, some fitness advice and information, and maybe even some recipes and whatnot.  I follow a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, which I realize is quite unconventional.

I welcome y’all to my blog.

Lotsa love,



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  1. Hi Jen;

    I love it!!! You impress the heck out of me. Maybe I can lose those 25 lbs. I’ve gained over the past couple of years. I have never in my life had a weight problem. Why now?? Anyway, I am proud of you, and will follow along & read up on all your imspirational info. Good luck.


  2. Why now? Cuz metabolism slows as we get older! I am not sure what your level of physical activity is now, but I venture to guess it’s not the same as when you were on your feet, walking around Bananas, for several hours a day.

    I so appreciate your comment, and please bear with me because as much as I have to say, I dunno how quickly it’s all gonna come out. I am so new to this. I am studying the heck out of everything. At night, I am dreaming crazy stuff, and I get up early cuz I can’t wait to learn more. The power of positive thinking has done amazing things in my life. I’ve got this goofy new dog and the love of Sammie. I am thinking I have finally “arrived.”

    So thanks for your support!

    Love ya!

  3. Good luck with your new adventure! I am excited for you, it seems you really know what you want to do now.

  4. The site looks great good luck with all

  5. Yup … the tricky part will be making money doing it, hehe! I have faith!

  6. Thx, Jon and Barb!

  7. Do you have a FB page?

    • Yes … it’s facebook.com/jennifer.leandro. I am listed as Jennifer Patten Leandro. Feel free to “friend” me.

  8. Hello Jen! Glad I found you as I been missing you! Sending you loving wishes for the journey ahead. God Bless!

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