Here is ZekeyBoy (ZB), aka sh*t eater (which is explained under SSE’s page).  That gleam in his eyes?  Well, that’s cuz he is in love with Miss Duckie.  He has violated that poor duck in more ways than I care to explain.  Who am I to question duckie love, or perhaps it’s just duckie lust?!

Anyway, I’m guessing he is between 6 and 8 months old, maybe a little older.  The Humane Society posted a picture of him on Facebook, and I was drawn to him immediately.  I think he is part Jack Russell and part Sheltie … dunno for sure.  He is extremely active.  At first, I wondered if I’d be able to handle him.  Thankfully, his previous owner had cage trained him.

He is blossoming into a pretty darn well-behaved pup, save for yesterday when he took off after a chicken deep into the woods … no decibel level of yelling ZEKE was gonna stop him.  Unfortunately, he has yet to learn the fine art of napping.  He will nap at my feet when I am at the ‘puter, but if I try to lay on the couch for a quick snooze, he gets on top of me and paws my face.  Aahhh, to the cage he goes.  Mommy needs her beauty rest.  :)

Unfortunately, on March 15, 2012, ZB headed off to the rainbow bridge much too early; he wasn’t even a year old:





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  1. Great Posts. They are darn cute goggies.

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